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Hello! We are Marcin and Kasia. Thank you for taking the time to read our profile and learn more about us.

Our story actually began in Poland in the winter of 2010. Kasia was working at her family's restaurant while Marcin was visiting his parents for the Christmas holidays. Marcin was introduced to Kasia by his father. Together we made plans for the New Year. It didn't take long for us to fall for one another! The following few months we spent all of our time together. We decided to travel all throughout Poland, and even visit Czech Republic.

At the end of the three months, we couldn't believe it was over. We didn't want this adventure to end, so we decided to get married! Six months later, Kasia moved out to the United States permanently to live with Marcin. We have been inseparable ever since.
We always wanted to raise a family, but after a year of trying we found out that it would not be possible for us. So, we decided to start the adoption process. After two years of waiting, our dream of becoming parents came true and we welcomed our beautiful daughter, Nicole, into our lives. Now, we hope to expand our family through adoption yet again. We are excited to start this journey and soon become a family of four!

As the oldest of four siblings, Kasia got a glimpse into what it will be like raising a child of her own. Her wish of becoming a mother came true when God brought Nicole into our lives. Kasia is a perfect stay-at-home mom. She always finds time not only to take care of Nicole, but also to play with her and teach her new things.

Kasia loves to cook and takes great pride into taking care of our home. Whenever we go grocery shopping, Kasia makes sure to buy the freshest, healthiest ingredients so she can make us dinner at home. There are no prepackaged or frozen food at our house. That’s not to say that we don’t eat sweets every now and then! Kasia loves to bake. Everyone can’t wait for Fat Tuesday when Kasia bakes homemade paczkis and other treats.

Kasia is full of life, and loves to jump in to help out in any way she can. There is nothing that she won’t try to take on. Whether it is a new international cuisine or taking on a home renovation project. She is also very thoughtful, and always comes to aid when something is wrong or if someone isn’t feeling well. Everyone comes to Kasia for advice on different aspects of life. She truly is my best friend, and the love of my life.

Marcin is the most wonderful man I have ever met! I could not imagine my life without him. He is smart, fun, outgoing, caring, and loving. He is a wonderful friend, husband, and is a very good father. You should see him with our daughter, Nicole. Those two are the best of friends! Every day when he comes home from work, Nicole runs up to him, excited that he’s finally home. Each night, after dinner, those two go off and spend time reading together and learning new things. Marcin truly is the best dad that Nicole could have ever asked for!

One thing that really stands out about Marcin is his intelligence. He’s very smart and enjoys a wonderful career in Information Technology. This means he’s always fixing our friends computers! But that’s okay, he doesn’t mind. In fact, he loves tinkering around and playing with computers in his free time. Another thing that I love about Marcin is his optimism. He’s the kind of person who always sees the glass as half full! He truly loves life and is always eager to help others.

Our daughter, Nicole, is the most beautiful baby girl that we’ve ever seen. Everyone who comes in contact with her automatically falls in love! There isn’t a time or place where we go that there aren’t at least five different people commenting on her adorable, chubby cheeks.

During the day, Nicole spends her time with mommy. She likes to get in trouble by grabbing onto things that she isn’t supposed to and getting into places where she isn’t allowed to go. She doesn’t like to play with dolls, but instead loves to play with her favorite pink monkey and other stuffed animals. She also loves playing with different shaped blocks and puzzles! This summer she tried swimming for her first time at the pool. She also likes to dance and listen to music.
Nicole is very outgoing and loves to play with her friends. She’s wonderful with other children, and very caring towards babies. We know that Nicole will be a great big sister someday soon, and we can’t wait to see in that role!

We live in a quiet, established neighborhood with lots of other families with children. Our home is a five-bedroom colonial which provides us lots of room to grow! The family room is a play area for the kids. It is where we gather with family and friends, and spend most of our time.

Our home has a big patio where we like to lounge outside and do cookouts during the summer. We love to entertain friends and family, so we’re often throwing parties for all the minor holidays - like Fourth of July, Halloween or New Years. We like to decorate the house for the different holidays, especially for Christmas.

Our community is the perfect place to raise a family. There is so much to do and see! We are just minutes away from a wonderful park, and within walking distance to the local school. We also live close to a recreation center which provides plenty of activities for kids.

Whether it is going to the beach, the lake, or just hanging out at the park - we just love being outdoors. When we are at the park, we’re often playing golf, hiking, or riding bikes. When we are at the beach or the lake, we usually swimming or canoeing. We cannot wait until the kids are old enough to enjoy these hobbies with us!
We are both also really into family traditions. Christmas and Easter have always bring about big gatherings with family and friends. We love helping our loved ones prepare the food and put up the decorations. Our faith plays a large role in our lives, so both of these holidays always include a church service, as well.

Traveling is another passion of ours. Between the two of us, we have been to all different parts of the world. We have also been all over the United States. We loved visiting New York and Washington DC and had a great time out West, when we went to Las Vegas. Our favorite local destination is Mackinac Island, where we visit least once a year. It was also Nicole’s first vacation getaway, but not her last! She already visited Nashville and Orlando, and is excited for her trip to Phoenix this coming fall. We can’t wait for another child to join us on our adventures!

We want to thank you for taking the time to read our profile. We imagine that this must be a very difficult time for you. We really admire you for making an adoption plan for your baby. It shows just how much love you have in your heart and how brave a woman you must be.

If we are so lucky as to raise this child, we promise that they will always know who you are. We promise that we will provide them with a very safe, loving, and nurturing home. We will do everything in our power to provide the best life for him/her. And most importantly, we will forever be grateful for you giving us the opportunity to grow our family!

We wish the you the best, and hope to meet you someday soon.

Marcin and Kasia